Tuesday, May 12, 2009

You've got a great smile!

I went to the last preschool meeting for Spunky Girl's school last night. It was a feel-good kinda meeting...passing out end of the year gifts for the teachers and for the Board members, remember when moments, and "let's appreciate each other" activities. One such activity went as follows: everyone got a piece of paper taped to their backs and then all of us moms went around and wrote something nice on all the other mom's papers. I was looking forward to reading my comments. I was mystified to see that 13 of the 15 moms commented on my nice smile. Huh?

I've been through this preschool before with my Sweetness (eldest daughter) and I know that I made much stronger connections with the mom's in that previous class than this one, but come on...13 moms had nothing more insightful to say about me than "You are always smiling"? What about my amazing wit? What about my sympathy's for bad days? At least they could remember all those Alligator-pushes I gave their kids on the swings. But nope...apparently I'm always smiling. Anyone who knows me knows that I am the first person to tell you about whatever personal crisis I'm having that day...always smiling? I just don't think so.

I wish I could see the other mom's papers. I know that I tried to write fairly personal comments for the other moms, but maybe "you've got a great smile" is as creative as some of the moms got. Regardless, it is time to push it out of my head and move on. It was a great year and I enjoyed the other moms and the teachers. The mom that I liked best will be sending her daughter to the same Kindergarten class that Spunky Girl will attend, so that is a Yippee for me (and she was one of the moms that DIDN'T write a "nice smile" comment). Oh yeah, I'm supposed to be past that. =)


  1. Well, it seems that you know what your strengths are, who cares if they do. I love this pic, can you send it to me? That smile just blows me away.

  2. I like that you have feel good games at the preschool, we seem to be mostly business, business, business at our meetings. Well next year I'm President so I'll have to work on this. Sunny


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