Saturday, May 2, 2009

This will not be a post that men will enjoy

This will not be a post that men will enjoy, but I don't think I have any male readers to complain...

I've been a lucky girl in the period department for most of my years. My periods were super predictable (Tuesday around 2 pm start time every 28 days lasting for 3 days) and were nothing more than a slight nuisance. I didn't have much cramping pain, or breast soreness, or any other horrible symptoms. I could count on an emotional day the Friday before my period, but who doesn't need a good cry once a month? Plus, it keeps hubby on his toes.

I think I must be entering peri-menopause, though, because times are a-changing. Period pain sucks. I feel like every organ in the lower half of my torso is bruised. I can feel them bumping into each other and feel a dull ache pulsing throughout the day. I've been whining more and more about this and every month hubby asks why I don't take something, something like a Midol or Pamprin, something designed for period relief. I don't really like to take stuff unless I REALLY need to, so I kept putting off buying anything. Finally hubby came home with a bottle of Pamprin for next time.

So, I finally took the Pamprin today. Yeah, the dull ache is blessedly gone, but I feel like my body is asleep. Every muscle feels fatigued and hard to move. Is that what it is supposed to feel like? I'm not sure what I'll choose if this is my choice: achy or exhausted. Maybe Midol feels differently?

Another little side affect of my changing cycle is that hubby cannot predict my cycles as easily. He can't necessarily know that I'm "overacting" about something because I'm about to start my period. He might just have to take me seriously just in case. He also planned out our 15 year anniversary trip for next March around my cycle, but I've been running shorter than 28 days for the last few months. That will probably set my period for right during our vacation. Wouldn't that be a bummer?

Sigh...I'd better go munch on something as period therapy!

P.S. I have no idea what is wrong with the girl's hand in the picture. I didn't care to spend any more time searching the web for a "woman with stomach pain" photo, so you this one.

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  1. Welcome to the world of irregularity and suffering pain. I have never in my life been regular except when on birth control. And I feel as if I got rolled over by a steam truck every month. It is excrutiating.


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