Sunday, July 15, 2012

It is BIRCHBOX time!!!

It's here!  Yes, my new BIRCHBOX has arrived.  I'm sure you were all waiting with bated breath just like I was. 
This is just the inside packaging for BIRCHBOX.   I'm not sure why I thought it was necessary that you all see that picture too.

First up in this month's box is a pair of  ear buds in bright pink and green from Glamour.  I figured I'd slip this into Sydney's Christmas stocking for the coming holiday season, but Sydney checked out my BIRCHBOX and already is pining for the ear buds.  Even though she knows I'm Santa, we still like to pretend that she doesn' saving it for her stocking won't work.   That doesn't mean that I'm handing the ear buds right over to her, though.  I'd like a little more time before my precious girl turns into one of those annoying kids that is always saying "What???" because they can't hear with their ipod plugged into their heads. 

Next up is a uber bar (imagine I went to the effort to find the umlaut key for the U) fro Larabar.  I'm not a huge protein bar fan, but this looks pretty good.  Sweet and Salty with a little fruit thrown in?  Yummy.  It is the perfect size to throw in the beach bag for a trip to the lake too.  

This is a skinny liquid eyeliner from eyeKO.  I've got a regular black liquid eyeliner, but not a "skinny" one.  I do have to work to make my regular one be thin enough on my eyelid, so perhaps a skinny version will be just the ticket.!

A nourishing hair mask and oil treatment from Amika will probably be used on Cheyenne's hair.  She's got such crazy hair and I'm constantly buying new product that moisturize in the hopes that it will lay down nicely.  I have heard of Argan Oil so maybe this one will be a winner.  It is nice to be able to try brands that I've never bought before...and to get them in sample size amounts so we aren't trying to use up a 12 oz bottle if we don't love it.  

Can I be honest?  I have no idea what this one is. B.B. Cream with SPF 27 PA++ from bosca.  Hmmmm.  B.B. cream.  I would assume it is a moisturizer of some kind?  Or a primer?  It says it has a "self-adjusting shade for all skin types" which means there must be some pigment to it.  I love oil free.  I've been switching to oil-free moisturizers for my face.  Any clue what PA ++ is?  Sounds pretty scientific.  Someone should probably tell me what this is before I end up using it on the wrong body part!

And last but not least, a new scent.  I love the lemon-grapefruit nature of this one.  Just perfect for spring/summer and for someone that doesn't like heavy perfumes.  Just something light and fresh smelling for me!  Feel free to walk up and sniff me if you want to know what it smells like. 

Do I really only get one more of these fabulous boxes?  This is like mourning the coming Monday on a Sunday morning.  I should just enjoy it while it lasts, right?