Thursday, May 21, 2009

It's all about me

The big guy behaves worse for me than he does for others. When hubby and I talk a family member or good friend into babysitting, they always report that he was a joy. For me, the kid is a screaming lunatic. He'll give his dad a hard time occasionally, but not nearly the intensity that I am treated too.

Why? Doesn't that boy know where his bread is buttered? Doesn't he know who wipes his butt? Doesn't he know who feeds him breakfast, lunch, and dinner? Doesn't he know who buys his clothes? Doesn't he know who gets the "ickies" off his hands? I could go on, but I think you get my point. ME. I DO. Hasn't he heard the saying "don't bite the hand that feeds you"? Well...he probably hasn't in his long 2 years of life... but that doesn't mean it isn't true.

He cries during swim lessons all the time. I really thought after 2.5 months that he'd be doing better. The swim instructor is also fed up with him, so on Tuesday she told me to get out of the pool and leave the Big Guy to her. She also informed me that starting Thursday (today), I was to just drop him off and go wait in the car. She thinks she can train him better if I'm not around for him to cry to.

So I did what I was told. I dropped him off at swimming lessons, attached his little floaty device, and left him in the capable-but-cantankerous hands of his swim instructor. I sat out in my car in the parking lot and I could hear his screams out there for a few minutes, and then there was silence. "Wow" I thought "it is working. He is actually quiet." About 15 minutes into the 1/2 hour lessons, another mom came out to my car and told me that he was doing great. I really wanted to see how great he was doing, so I snuck back into the pool area for a peak. Unfortunately, both the Big Guy and the swim instructor caught me. The Big Guy started shreaking "mommy" and the instructor yelled "get out". Probably not my best move.

Overall, I am grateful to the swim instructor for being willing to do what it takes to make sure he is learning to swim. Spending every lesson crying was just a waste of my money. And maybe my boy will learn that it doesn't always work in your favor to scream at your mom. I think I'm finally learning at home the same lesson. There is no punishment that works for screaming except separating that boy from me. He only stops screaming when he's truly convinced that I cannot hear him complain.

Frankly, I'm surprised that boy even wants my attention that much, given that I'm already a stay-at-home mom who sees him every waking hour that he isn't sleeping.

But even when he is being horrible and I'm at my wits end about how to change his behavior, I still cannot deny that MY BOY IS CUTE!


  1. The long and short of it is that he most likely misbehaves for you because he's 100% sure you'll love him no matter what. Which I guess isn't so bad when you really think about it.

  2. He is SUCH a CUTIE!!!!!!
    and remember....this too shall pass.

  3. I think that we are going to try swim lessons next month, although you do have me a bit scared. Luke does seem to love the water though.
    Luke has gone from doing all harm (hitting, biting, hair pulling etc) to Madison. Yeah for me, but I feel bad for her. Sunny


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