Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day Crisis

Okay, it isn't a crisis. It isn't even a conundrum. It is barely a problem. I was just having a hard time coming up with a title....

I woke up early this bright, sunny Memorial Day. Spunky Girl was already in bed with us, snuggled next to her dad for a change. I assumed that meant it was after 7 am, but I was wrong. I saw that the clock said 6, so I crawled back in bed...but I was already awake. I was thinking about the quilt I was getting close to finishing, so I got back up and started working on it. Turns out, after a year of working on this quilt, that I don't like the very fabric that was my theme fabric. The fabric that started it all looks terrible as a border on my quilt.

Here is my theme fabric:

Here is my quilt top:

Here is the quilt top with the theme fabric border:

See how the border fabric competes with the main pieced section? I really don't like it. It isn't such a crisis though, because I bought enought of my theme fabric that I can turn it into the back of my quilt. I think I'll use a strong, dark brown as my border fabric instead. It will be manly...just like hubby. =) The guys at the firehouse, where the quilt is headed, might have teased hubby about the fireman fabric so now the theme fabric will be on the underside of the that seems better to me as well.

Stay tuned...I'll post a picture of the finished quilt with the brown border when I've got it finished. I'm trying to get it done for Father's Day.

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