Sunday, May 24, 2009

Where's the Daddy love?

I often get emails from my dear aunt about how special we women are. There are poems about how we make great friends, how we are great moms, how we are unique and lovely...but I have NEVER gotten an email about how great dads are. Today I stopped to wonder why. I don't even think I've gotten one on Father's Day.

Why is this? I suppose it is because we women are largely in charge of the emotional connections in the world. Perhaps it doesn't occur to men to write such things. Perhaps it doesn't occur to men that another guy might appreciate such things...or maybe it simply doesn't build up men emotionally. I reject the notion that it is because men aren't worthy of such adoration.

I'm not the kind to get all up-in-arms about it, but I do think that the tv characters that portray fathers are lame. Everybody loves Raymond (both Ray and his dad), Home Improvement, My Wife and Kids, Gary Unmarried, and the list goes on.
They all portray men as hillarious because of their bad antics. The women are portrayed as hard working and responsible and the men are portrayed as irresponsible goofs.

I don't think I'll write a "dad poem" but if I did, it would include how smart they are, how they can fix stuff, how they wrestle with the kids, how they can be gruff but loving, how they can shoulder a heavy load, how they are there for us when we need them.

Come to think of it...that sounds just like the Father's Day cards that I buy that my husband always forgets to read. Maybe that's why we don't write it!

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  1. It's always bugged me that the husband characters on T.V. lie all the time. And it's not evan a big deal, in fact it's funny (according to the sitcom writers).


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