Sunday, May 10, 2009

I am not going to blog about my kids

Darn it. This blog is supposed to be about my forays into the outside world, but all I talk about is motherhood and my kids. Enough. I am going to blog about me.



Hang on...I'm getting there.

Just wrote a blog about my desire to stay hip and then erased it. It was boring. I'm not hip...never really was. Nothing else needs to be said about that.

Any Celebrity Apprentice fans out there? I love Jesse James. I love his bulk. I love his silence. I love his blue-collar vibe. I love his unwillingness to trade on his wife's fame. He comes across so strong. He says little, but people listen (except Clint Black) when he talks. I know the Trump-meister wants to capitalize on the Joan River/Annie Duke fued, but I sure would have liked to watch Jesse James for one more episode. Sigh...

Oh yeah, and the Rivers are both CRAZY. Why do crazy people sign up for shows? Don't they know that the whole world is going to find out they are crazy?

Well, I got no inspiration tonight, and you don't want any more commentary on the shows I'm watching, so I'm signing off. G'night all.

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