Thursday, May 7, 2009

Why did you say that?

Not surprising to anyone that knows us, hubby and I don't have the same perspective on everything. One thing that keeps coming up in our parenting is "Why did you say that?". Hubby hates it when the kids start begging for something just because I mentioned the word. For example, I could say "I'm going to go take a shower" and the Big Guy will start saying "shower, shower" and he'll start running for the stairs. Hubby will look at me and sigh because he thinks I've created the situation that we have to tell the Big Guy "no" when I could have just kept my mouth shut instead.

So today, I mentioned to hubby (in front of Spunky Girl) that one of us needed to take Spunky Girl to the doctor for her checkup after her swim lessons. Spunky Girl looked at me and said "am I getting shots?". Hey...she asked. "Yep". Cue the crying and hysterics. About 40 minutes worth. Hubby didn't think it was necessary to bring up the doctor visit at all in front of her. He thought it was only fair that I should take her to the doctor since I was the cause of her trauma.

So I took her to the doctor. She was so freaked out. It has been awhile since I've cried when one of my children got a shot, but I had tears in my eyes by the time she got her 4th shot. Thank goodness that nurse MiMi allowed us to do the shots at the beginning of the visit instead of waiting till the customary visit-end to do it. I don't think she would have made it. She told me afterwards that she thought about running away when the nurse brought out the needles. That would have been a first for me...actually chasing my child down the halls of the doctor's office. But if any child would do would be Spunky Girl.

Spunky Girl (before she got 4 shots)

Am I reformed? Nope. I will continue to mention things in front of my children. I just can't add the pressure to my life of having to watch what I say in case one of them might get upset. My children will learn to live with the disappointments of the real world. They will learn to deal with knowing that a trip to the doctor is in their near future. And they will learn that they are strong enough to survive those situations.

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