Thursday, March 19, 2009

Well, it's not about world peace

Unlike my friend Teena, who aims for socially important topics in her blog, this blog will be about my fashion sense. Enthralling, I know.

I've always wanted to have a better grasp on my own personal style. I watch the TLC show What Not To Wear and listen eagerly for any advice that might apply to me. I wonder "Am I a pear?" "Am I an hour glass?" I never have figured that one out. I'm clearly more ample around my derriere than I am at my bust line, but I have a defined waist which is a characteristic of an hourglass...but I digress.

So, where was I? Oh yes, my personal style. I was flipping through a Lucky magazine and found an article that showed examples of lots of different styles. I was able to easily find my preferences among the different outfits and suddenly I know a little bit about my personal style. Downtown Bohemian? Nope. Funky Ladylike? Uhuh. Sweetly Slouchy? Nope. Thrown-on Sexy? Sorry. Witty Classic? Maybe. Tough Romantic? YES!!! There I was, reflected in the style choices of the tough romantics. Sweet blouses with edgy jeans and a pair of rockin' heels. Black t-shirts with skirts. It's me...or maybe just who I want to be. My favorite pair of jeans is a hand-me-down pair I got from Keri. Citizens of Humanities is the brand. They are distressed, worn, a bit too holey at this point, and 2 sizes too big...but I love them so I throw on a belt and wear them happily. In just 2 weeks, I'm planning a shopping trip where I may replace those jeans with a pair that fits, but now I know to look for a pair with edgier characteristics and maybe I'll love the new pair just as much.

Lisa out.


  1. You are not a pear. Pears have a much more distinct disparity between their upper and lower bodies. Or should I say, 'dispearity', haha.

  2. I just got rid of my CoH jeans. To think I was ever tiny enough to fit in those pants is heartbreaking - I couldn't look at them anymore. I know I'll regret it - it's not like I'll ever be able to spend $130-160 on a pair of jeans. Even the CoH jeans I had were a gift. Wonder what happened to that friend who gave them to me... :)


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