Saturday, March 28, 2009

A New Challenge

I'm just three days away from finishing my current challenge (7 months with no clothing shopping...more on that in a coming blog), so I'm ready to start a new challenge.

This challenge with be coupons! For two months, I am going to try my hand at cutting coupons to use while I grocery shop. I've resisted doing this until now. My husband has brought it up several times during budget conversations, but I've always replied that I thought it would end up costing me more grocery money because I would buy things I don't normally purchase. Yesterday he asked me if I would be willing to try coupons if I could spend the money on myself. "Uh...yeah...I think I would."

So for a 2 month trial period, I will track both my grocery purchases (to make sure that I don't end up spending more than I've got in my grocery category) and my coupon savings. If I could save $10 bucks a week, I would double my current clothing allowance. That would be amazing, but perhaps is too lofty a goal. Maybe I should shoot for just $5 a week in savings. Of course, I will need to steal the coupon section of my parent's Sunday paper; I don't want to subtract the cost of a newspaper subscription from my coupon savings!

At the end of the two months, hubby's offer to let me have the coupon savings will end. By that time, I should be able to determine if coupon cutting is worth the time or whether I should give it up.


  1. Man I wish you were doing this after I'm in Colorado. I totally need an incentive to spend less on groceries (and eating out for that matter). Good luck- curious if there will be a savings. I've always thought coupons were a crock (and that really coupons only exist for processed and/or sugary foods).

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  3. Here's my couponing advice (wether you want it or not):). Only use coupons for things you usually buy. Try to combine sales and coupons as much as possible. If you have a Super Walmart their prices are so good that the coupons do make a difference. There aren't any places in Las Vegas that let you double copons, but maybe in Washington? Online coupons are MUCH better than the Sunday newspaper coupons. Here are some websites I like:


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