Monday, March 30, 2009

Let's get ready to rrruuuummmmmbbbbblllllllleeeeee!

Next Monday, our eldest daughter starts soccer. This is our first foray into organized sports. My husband grew up in organized sports and considers it an important part of childhood. I did not. My mother didn't like to be outdoors, so she signed us up for bowling and 4H. Yeah, I was that cool.

We found out that our daughter will be on a team of girls where most of the girls are 1 - 2 years older than her and have been playing together for awhile. Hubby said the coach was of European descent. The image of Nadia Comaneci's coach comes to mind, but I haven't met the guy yet. We're hoping this is a nice, friendly, non-competitive league but fear that we're signing her up for the junior Olympics. Hopefully I'll meet the coach and other parents on Monday and feel totally at ease at the laid-back nature of the team.

We bought her clothes today. Under Armour style shirt, soccer shorts, cleats, soccer socks and shin guards. I'm assuming that we'll need more than one set of clothes, but the original set cost enough that I wasn't inclinded to buy two at that moment. Here she is all decked out.


It is still really cold outside. I wonder if she also wears a jacket while she runs around at practice. Do the other kids wear clothes under or on top of their soccer clothes? Would a better mom already know the answer to those questions? I don't want her to look like a dork. I think there is already a small twinge of fear that all the other kids will already know each other and that she'll feel left out. But, you don't get anywhere in life by being afraid to put yourself into new situations. So off to soccer practice we will go.

Anybody got any soccer advice for me?


  1. What about a long underwear shirt under the t-shirt? She looks pretty cute!!

  2. Savannah would wear a long sleeve shirt under the tee, that helps alot. They get really hot running around so she probably doesn't need to be bundled up too much or she'll start shedding the clothes during practice. (That's my experience anyway.) Have fun, Soccer Mom!!!!


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