Saturday, March 21, 2009

Two Cooks in the Kitchen

Today I thought Scott was working an overtime shift (following his normal shift yesterday) and wouldn't be home until tomorrow morning. I made mental plans for how I was going to survive spend my day with the kids. The OT shift didn't work out and my dear husband arrived home this morning. It was so nice to see him. I love that he's home...and yet, it totally changes how the day will go. Suddenly you have two people planning the Saturday, two cooks in the kitchen.

I was going to take the kids to visit my grandmother. He is scrambling around trying to find a sitter so we can go look at trading in my mini-van for a 4wd vehicle. My van came back from the shop with the news that my tire tread is almost gone and it will be around $800 to buy new tires. He is convinced the only reason my tire tread could be that low after only 40000 miles is because of all the wheel-spinning I've done in the snow....hence the need for 4wd. (Let's not tell him it is really my occasionally abrupt braking patterns.) He figures he can trade in my van for a comparable 4wd vehicle for about 3 with the nearly $1000 he was going to have to spend on tires it won't be more than a 2 grand hit. Where we are going to get that 2 grand is another question, but I'm trying to stay out of that one.

He did look at my Microsoft Money program and see that we had a ton of cash in checking, but then I downloaded the current transactions and popped that bubble for him. Hey, what are wives for if not to pop their husbands dreams?

So, grandma will have to wait...hopefully a visit tomorrow will work out. Today is about car shopping now. Think good thoughts. I think car dealerships are stressful!

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