Friday, March 5, 2010

Lisa tries to tell a story, but it takes her a really long time.

I was having dinner at my friend Keri's house the other night (we were celebrating the end of our diet challenge) with a group of Keri's friends. Keri was telling her friends a story about when I was getting ready to go to Disneyland and how I emailed everyone, trying to find some fanny packs. Of course, the point of telling that story was to point out what a dork and fashion imbecile I was to want those fanny packs.

***in my defense, I wanted the fanny packs for my kids to wear. I wanted each child to have a mini bottle of water, a pack of Kleenex and some contact information in case we got seperated. The fanny packs were never for ME to wear, only for me to force my children to wear.

It was a funny story and everybody laughed. The next day Keri sent me a text asking me if she had hurt my feelings by joking around about the fanny packs. I sent a text back saying that I didn't mind a bit, but unfortunately Keri never received my reply text.

***some times I am texting-challenged. I've been known to type in the name of the person I want to text to and forget to click on their contact name...which sends their message into the great unknown instead of to their cell phone. I'd love to say that only has happened to me once, but I'd be lying.

So, when Keri doesn't receive a response to her message, she gets more concerned that she did hurt my feelings. She sends two more messages, including a lengthy Keri-esqe voice mail, about how she was just joking around but never meant to hurt my feelings...yada yada yada. So I figure I'd better call her back and make sure she knows that I was totally fine with the conversation.

I call Keri back and we laugh about the text message that I know I sent, but yet-again she has not received. I forward it to her again and reassure her that I know that I am a dork and wasn't the least bit offended about being the joke of that fanny-pack story. ... and then Keri says "Oh good. I just know how sensitive you can feel about friendship issues and I didn't want to inadvertently hurt your feelings."


um...what? Did she just say that I am overly sensitive about friendship issues? Easily offended? Hyper-sensitive?

Yeah. I think she did. Of course, I cannot comment back to her about that comment because that would be acting entirely sensitive about friendships issues. And even if I am overly sensitive (which I probably am), I certainly don't want to be thought of as overly sensitive...and so I'll act like that wasn't a lame comment.

But then I'll laugh at myself later and post the entire story on facebook, so everyone knows that at least I can laugh about how overly sensitive I am.

Love ya Girl!

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