Wednesday, March 17, 2010

15th Anniversary Maui Trip -- Day 4

Day 4 Monday --
Monday morning was another shopping trip in Lahaina. I have to look in every store to make sure that I make my purchases at just the right combination of quality and price. Our shopping has centered on surf/dive/swimwear shops. We each want a rashguard to wear while we're out on the water and we want to bring our kids home rashguard swimwear sets as a "we missed you tons" gifts. We made some good headway on those, finding something for both Cade, Scott and I. Then it was back to the hotel to grab a boogie board and hit the beach.

I expected watching Scott boogie board would be more exciting. There was a really strong current, so he spent most of the time swimming sideways to stay in line for the good waves. A lot less action than I hoped. Someday I will see that husband of mine surf like he is Laird Hamilton...but sadly that won't be this trip.

Another sad, sad moment on the beach today was when my new hat went sailing down the beach and was crushed beneath a wave and driven into the sand. Sigh. I REALLY liked this hat (Forever21...only $13!!!). I'm drying out the hat now. Maybe it can be salavaged.

But it was super fun to play in the surf. Scott laughs at me because every little wave knocks me over. I am like a fish out of water!

After we played in the surf, we headed back for some time in the pool. We took advantage of the water slide at our hotel. Wheeeee.... (Any guesses how many pictures it took for me to catch Scott on the slide? HeeHee)

After our fun in the sun and water, we got ready to go to Warren & Annabel's Magic Show. We saw the Warren and Annabel show when we were in Maui 4 years ago and LOVED it. We're so excited to go again, especially as they have guest magicians performing right now so it will be a different show. The tickets for the show were compliments of my lovely parents for our anniversary (15 years and the reason for our week in paradise) and it was fabulous. Dinner at the show was awesome...Kahlua Pork wraps, coconut shrimp, crab cakes, chicken satay...all delicious and great desserts. We got to sit up in the front row of the magic show. The front row is where they put people that the magician is planning on interacting with during his show. It is the best seats for trying to see what the magician is doing and it is really fun too. The magician called me up to the front to have a white dove read my mind. It was hillarious and we had a really good time.

After the show, Scott and I walked through the Lahaina art galleries. We saw two pieces of art that we really liked. First we saw some beautiful photographs of the inside of waves. The pictures would look beautiful in the basement remodel that Scott is working on. The main room in the basement is supposed to be Scott's man cave (when the fam-fam isn't using it!) so I want it to reflect the design style that he likes. The photographs are framed (kind-of framed...more like covered) in lucite, so they are really sturdy and could take the wear and tear of a basement room. The pictures are bright blue...but also the same colors of green and tan that we used in our paint & carpets, so I think they would go fabulously. The only downside was the price tag, which completely knocked it out of the water for Scott and I. Now that I have in mind what would look awesome, though, I can start hunting for more price friendly options.

The second piece of art we liked was by an artist that we met at church on Sunday morning. Roman Czerwinski is a friendly guy who welcomed us to church and never mentioned that he was a world renowned artist. I noticed that a painting on the wall of the church building bore his name and was thrilled to see more of his work in the uppity art gallery's on Lahaina's Front Street. Here's a link to Roman Czerwinski's Art Bio. We loved the painting of a palm tree with a cluster of coconuts (which I cannot find online to show you...must be too new). It would be a fun addition to our house, but we couldn't in good conscience put an original Roman Czerwinski painting in our basement. As the most expensive thing we would own, except for our vehicles, it should have a more formal viewing area away from where kids could touch it. Alas, we don't have the funds for that artwork either (significantly more than the earlier photograph that we liked)...but it was fun to dream. If we are ever blessed enough to come back to Maui (please, please, please), I can't wait to come back and see more of Roman's art.

Monday was a fabulous day and now I'm tired...but hey, at least I made it till 10:30 pm before falling asleep!

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