Monday, March 15, 2010

15th Anniversary Vacation Blog -- Day 3

Sunday morning we woke up early...again. We travel for umpteen miles to vacation alone in paradise and find ourselves still getting up at the crack of dawn. Seattle is 3 hours ahead of Maui, so when our bodies think it is 8 am it is only 5 am Maui time. You can only imagine the party animal I am at 9 pm Maui time (midnight Seattle time)...everyone who knows me well knows that I can't stay up late! Poor Scott. He kept mentioning before we left how wonderful it was going to be to sleep in. I suppose the good news about getting up so early is that there isn't much of a line when the coffee stand opens at 6:30 (but there really isn't a line any other time of the day either). Maybe the good news is that there was plenty of lounge chairs and hammocks available...cause baby, they are a hot commodity around here! People actually get up while it is still dark and go lay out their towels over their favorite lounge chairs to save them for later. Cracks me up...crazy people.
Lisa and Scott in a hammock on the beach at 6 am

Sunday morning we headed to the North side of the island to go to Bible class & worship services with the Church of Christ at Wailehu Beach. Two interesting things happened there. First, we ran into Kyle and Claire Winston, who is the son and daughter-in-law of my parent's good friends Cal and Kim Winston. Small world. We'll be meeting up with them for dinner on Thursday night. The second thing that happened is that the visiting preacher, Joe Johnson from Missouri, fell ill during his class and they had to call an ambulance. Scott was able to stabilize him and keep an eye on his vital signs while we all waited for the medics to arrive. My hubby the hero.

The guy that stepped up and spoke during the morning service in Joe's place (Paul Annis maybe?) did a great lesson on Colossians 3. It is a testament to the time he obviously spends in the Bible that he can get up and give an encouraging talk on just a few minutes notice.

After a great worship service, we did some quick shopping at Queen Kamehameha Mall and then drove up to the Haleakala Crater. It is a beautiful drive up through the middle of the island. The views of the water were breaktaking and the green rolling hills are beautiful. By the time you get up close to the top, you really can't see that much because you are driving in a cloud.
We hadn't planned our excursion to Haleakala so I was wearing shorts and sandals...not exactly the right attire for climbing around the rocks by the crater. (Hey, it is a page from my sister Krissy's playbook. She hiked the Alps in flip-flops.)

We stopped at Bubba Gumps for some dinner on the way home, which was fun, and headed back to the hotel for some hottubbing. We were back in our room a little after 9pm and I was sound asleep by 10 pm. =)

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