Saturday, March 20, 2010

15th Anniversary Maui Vacation -- Day 7

Day 7 – Thursday

Scott and I were so excited about what we had planned for today. We had a 5 hour zip-line adventure planned with Flyin’ Hawaiian. 5 hours of zipping over Maui, dangling only by a cable…how fun does that sound!?!! Checkout to see what they offer. Alas, as we were pulling out of the hotel parking to go there, they called and said our adventure had to be cancelled due to rain. Sigh. Bummer. The “up country” (what the call the inner part of the Island) gets a lot more rain than the beaches do. The only slight comfort was that it was going to be an expensive 5 hours, so at least I can feel better about not spending that cash…but still. Sigh. Okay, I’m still in paradise…let’s go have some fun in the sun.

Scott and I walked down to Whaler’s Village to get some frozen yogurt (hey, frozen dessert at 10 am makes perfect sense when it is 82 degrees out!) and revisit some of the stores. Scott loved the Koa wood carved turtles in one of the furniture stores. I checked the price tags on those turtles and thought I would dissuade him from buying those pricey carvings by saying “Hey you could make those”. Well, that started his wheels going…and before I knew it he had done research on where you could buy Koa wood on the Island and we were off to a lumberyard in Maui. Gotta be careful what you say around a boy that is capable of doing whatever he sets his mind to! He was able to find several boards that he liked. I was a HUGE help, of course, in picking out the right ones…that was before I got bored and headed back out to the car to read my book. The joy of a convertible (thanks honey!) is that I could still lay out in the sun, even if I’m sitting outside a lumberyard instead of on the beach.
Lisa in the fun convertible

We headed back to the hotel and I caught a few minutes of lying out by the pool. The wind was blowing a bit, so I before long I headed back up to our room and took a long bath and got ready for dinner. We had plans to meet Kyle and Claire Winston for dinner at the Mala restaurant in Lahaina. It is right on the ocean and we were able to watch turtles poking their heads out of the water from our seats inside. Loved that! The food was great there…definitely our nicest meal in Maui. We started the meal with an Ahi bruscetta appetizer and a tomato/mozzarella/flax bread tower with balsamic vinaigrette. Yummo. Dinner for me was a Prime Rib Eye and Scott had a fresh seafood choppino. Here we are at the restaurant. If you need any help, the tan people are Kyle and Claire. Scott and I are the whiter ones on the left. =) It was fun running into Kyle and Claire and having people to enjoy the paradise with. Plus...they know everyone that we know, so we could talk about all you people. They remind us a little bit of us, about 8 years ago before parenting blessed (took over) our lives.

After dinner we headed back down to the art galleries on Lahaina’s Front street. I thought it was really fun to look at the work of Peter and Madeleine Powell, who paint mostly junk food and crayons. Claire and Kyle introduced us to Victor Bregeda & Vladimir Kush. Both artists do fascinating work, but are a little too “out there” for our taste. Still, it is fun to look at their art and the art of other masters like Dali, Erte, and Picasso.

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