Thursday, March 18, 2010

15th Anniversary Maui Vacation -- Day 6

Today Scott has his second day of Diving training. I went with him this morning so I could hang out on a new beach (Airport beach...named that because it was where they used to land planes. It is on the opposite side of the Island from Kahalui, where the big airport is). It was fun there. I saw some good whale action (of which I captured nothing with my camera) and got to see some humunguous beautiful homes on the beach. I also got to see Scott get all suited up for diving and descend into the water. There wasn't much to see after that, since he's submerged, so I took a little nap on the beach and then read my novel. Sigh...a morning well spent!
Airport Beach

Scott's all set to dive. The surf boy in the back is his instructor Zack.

There he goes!

Scott saw turtles, octopus, and eels while he was addition to a myriad of fish and coral

I spent some time blogging in the afternoon (ya think these posts write themselves?) and then headed back to pick up Scott. We came back to the hotel and rented some snorkeling gear, planning to snorkel at Black Rock so I could see more turtles. Scott wanted to get a few pictures of them on our underwater camera so he could show the kids at home. Unfortunately, the water was too murky (high tide) for snorkeling when we got there, so it was really just an expensive 2 mile walk in the surf. Great workout for the legs though!

We were forced to spend our time playing in the pool instead. By the time we finished hanging out in the pool, we were famished. We hurried back to our room, traded our swimsuits for dry clothes, and headed back out for dinner. We caught a beautiful sunset just as we were leaving.

We had planned all week that we would eat at Carl Jr.'s fast food restaurant at least once because Scott used to eat there as a kid and loved it (we don't have them in our town). We decided tonight was our Carl Jr. night, so we drove 30 minutes down to Kihea and went through the drive through for some Western Bacon Cheeseburgers. We took our burgers to Wailea (I don't think they allow fast food joints in is the most uppity part of the Island). We ate our burgers in the parking lot before heading in to the Wailea mall to check out more art galleries.

This one of the great things about hanging out with my hubby. We both can enjoy eating junky fast food, then going to peruse expensive art, and then drive back with the top down while rocking out to Metallica, Black Sabbath, and Jethro Tull. How could we be more perfect for each other?

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