Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Welcome back to Suburbia

As of 9 pm last night, I'm home! Strange how some things about home life resume the instant you touch your driveway. The Big Guy had a tantrum within moments of coming home. It isn't that he had NO tantrums on vacation, but he definitely had a lot less. I think the great outdoors is soothing to my son. He gets really quiet when he's out in nature, be it on the back of my bike, on the raft, in the jogging stroller on a walk, or even in a pulk being pulled behind cross-country skis. I wonder if he'll be an outdoorsman when he grows up.

Another thing that resumed when we got home is the Big Guy talking to me non-stop. At the cabin, he had a whole host of other people to talk to. There were 3 tween and teen girls there who loved him, so he could talk to them whenever he wanted. They even played endless "knock knock" jokes with him, which is a sacrifice because he doesn't really get the concept. He always says "knock knock" and when you answer "who's there?" he says "apple". That's pretty much it. This morning, I heard myself saying something to him that I don't think I said in a week:
"just a minute, mommy can't listen while she's...."
I think at the cabin I also had a lot more time to talk to him. It seems to bug him when I am trying to get anything done because he can tell that I'm not giving him my undivided attention, and there was a lot less work that I had to get done while on vacation. Today's at home to do list already crossed the 15 item mark, so I stopped writing things down.

The Big Guy was sleeping in till nearly 8 am on vacation too, and this morning he was back to getting up at 6:30. That I think is interesting because his bedroom at home is darker than his room at the cabin. And he stayed up just as late last night because we didn't get home till well after his bedtime. Go figure. I can't figure him out!

I'd tell you how the girls are doing transitioning back into at-home life, but they would need to actually get up for that to happen! I'm off to tackle my list. Happy Tuesday everybody!

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