Saturday, July 18, 2009

Bad Habits: So easy to pick up, so hard to get rid of

Why are bad habits so easy to pick up and so hard to get rid of? I cannot begin to count the number of times I have stopped drinking soda. My current nemesis? The Dr. Pepper can.

It all starts innocently enough. I buy some soda to bring on vacation. Maybe I sneak a can or two before vacation actually starts. Then I increase my usage to 2 - 3 cans a day on vacation. Then I bring the leftover cans home...and waalaa, I'm back to drinking soda on a regular basis.

Some have suggested that the solution to my problem is diet soda. No my friends...I don't drink that poison. I know it has almost no calories, but I do not trust those chemical sweetners. Give me fully loaded soda or give me death. That sounds a little strong, doesn't it? How 'bout: Give me fully loaded or give me Pelligrino.

Yes, Pelligrino is my hope for breaking this latest addiction. I bought a case of it at Costco today (I had a coupon!!). With no calories and no sweetner, I can drink guilt free. It's also got a little sodium, which my doctor recommended that I increase my intake of.

Cross your fingers and hope that the Pelligrino works or that I don't run out of Dr. Pepper before I get my "I refuse to buy soda" willpower back.

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  1. I'm with you on the diet soda thing! I often mix fruit juice with sparkling water. Healthier and less calories than soda, but still sweet.


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