Monday, July 27, 2009

My knight in shining armor

Today I took the kids to a birthday party at a park. I love being at the park with the kids, but I hate getting from the parking lot to the park (or the beach, or the lake, etc.) with the kids and their gear. I doubly-hate getting back to the car, as the gear is no longer compactly packed and the kids are no longer clean or compliant.

The location for today's birthay was a lovely spot. It had a covered picnic shelter, a concrete path where the kids would be having scooter races, a water park, slides, swings, climbing toys & grass. Who could ask for more, right? I would like to ask that the park not be a 1/4 mile from the parking lot. By the time I got the kids, their 3 scooters, their 3 helmets, a birthday present, and my own bag down to the picnic, I was one grumpy lady. Instead of the big hug the hostess deserved in greeting, all she got was a growl from me as I complained about the Big Guy's lack of ability to steer on the way to the spot. A quarter mile is a long way to push a tricycle when the front wheel is sideways and dragging along the path.

I was starting to get my cool back (despite the 95 degree heat) when Sweetness informs me that she had to go to the bathroom. And does anyone want to guess where the bathroom was? Yes, most of the way back to the parking lot. So I grab the Big Guy (thank goodness Spunky Girl can fend for herself for a few minutes) and headed up to find the bathrooms. I was waiting for Sweetness to finish, when I saw a familiar body come across the grass toward me. I couldn't even see his face yet when I knew it was my hubby.

Oh the joy of unexpected help. I though hubby was off working today, but he ended up with some free time and he came to help me with the kids. It was like he rode up as a knight in shining armor -- that's how happy I was about his arrival. The next few hours were so much easier. When the Big Guy needed a diaper change and I realized I forgot the supplies in the car, I didn't have to haul him with me when I walked back to get the supplies. When it was time to leave the party, he pushed the Big Guy *uphill* back to the car while I carried our gear and Spunky Girl's scooter. While I was walking back, I tried to picture myself pushing the Big Guy, carrying the gear, & carrying Spunky Girl's scooter. It wouldn't have been pretty.

Now we're back home, hiding in the house from the 95 degree heat. We have air conditioning, thanks to the kindness of my in-laws. I'm thanking God for them today!

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