Wednesday, June 10, 2009

A small short post

No, not a post that has a few number of words (although it likely will), a post about how my shorts are too small. Really, people, it is slow news day.

I bought these shorts because I thought the backside was cute. I knew they were snug but I thought they'd be fine. Of course, I forgot the cardinal rule of trying things have to sit in them. I sit down and my thighs bulge out the leg holes, my belly pops over the top and we're not even discussing what happens in other regions. Oy.

I think these better go into the "someday" box before I split a seam. Good thing I bought them cheap!


  1. Loose and comfy capri's for me.
    There is no "someday" box at my house.

    By the way, the shorts don't look as bad on you as you think. You are more than funny

  2. This is something I would do.

  3. I HATE it when I get a "muffin top" when I put on pants or shorts!! ick!

  4. I love you for being able to post this pic on the web. Not because it is so horrible, but because you felt a picture was necessary to validate what you were saying. You also feel comfortable enough with yourself to say that the shorts make you buldge in unseemly places and then can post a picture of it. I love it on so many levels.

  5. Also because you posted a crotch picture on your blog. I love it.


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