Thursday, June 4, 2009

I want to be a sundress-kinda girl

Since it has been an amazing 90 degrees lately, I want to wear a sundress. I've never pulled off the sundress look well. I either feel like my chest is hanging out, or my chest is showing through, or I end up lpoking too dressed-up. Oh, and then there's the "maybe she's pregnant again" look when I wear the empire waist-line ones. This is the look I want with a pair of barely-there flat sandals:

I like this look too, but it doesn't have that same carefree comfy look the other one does:

Somebody better remind me quickly that I'm out of my June clothing budget, because I'm about to head to Target. Maybe I can sneak this into the anniversary weekend vacation budget!

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  1. After seeing Madison is her cute little sun dresses I wanted one too. I found some cute but inexpensive ones at Ross. Maybe in July... Sunny


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