Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Penny wise & Dollar foolish

Penny wise & Dollar foolish...that's a saying right? Generally it means that you find some way to save money in the short run, but you take it in the shorts in the long run (heh heh...laughing at my own joke).

That's what I did. It may not cost me any dollars in the future, but it is sure to cause some headaches. I took the girls to Target to buy new underwear. I was going to try to wait until August to buy them new underwear as part of their school clothes, but I felt bad about my size 5 daughter wearing size 4 panties all summer. Anyway, we are at Target and, of course, the girls want to pick out the panties with the cutest designs. They are all about the same price, so I let them pick out the ones they wanted. Then I wandered into the next aisle and found that there were some clearance panties stuffed back there. We are talking $2 bucks for panties instead of $8 bucks. I sweet talked the girls into getting the cheap panties instead (by bribing them with new jammies with the savings). Of course, there was only one design that was on the clearance rack. So my girls each have 10 new pairs of panties that are identical to her sisters. Can you imagine the headache I've just caused myself?

* The girls won't bother to try to tell them apart, so they'll start wearing each others panties.
* I won't be able to tell at a glance who left their panties on the floor...and if I'm going to bend down to check the tag, I might as well pick them up myself.
* Hubby won't be able to tell them apart when he tries to put the laundry away (Okay, who am I kidding? No one, right? This would never happen anyway.)

So yeah for me; I saved $12 bucks and caused myself a ton of headaches. And, the jammies I promised the girls ended up costing me $20, so it actually cost me $8 more. I'm a genius.


  1. LOL, sounds like something I would do. Can you take different color sharpies and draw a line around the wastband of each of them to help you easily tell them apart?

  2. I seriously laughed when reading this. It reminds me of I Love Lucy. "Hey got some 'splainin to do."
    How about using a laundry pen with a big S or C inside near the wasteband?

  3. This is so funny. Maybe they could bedazzle them to tell them apart.

  4. I love your blogs. They make me happy. You should definately bedazle them. That could add another $20 bucks to the investment.

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