Thursday, June 11, 2009

icky, skuzzy, gross

So far this summer, I'm setting an all new low regarding my appearance when I leave the house. Twice this week, I have simply swapped my under-things for fresh ones and continued to wear whatever pajama-esque item I was sleeping in out for the morning.

If that isn't pathetic enough, I've got a little bumpy rash or breakout that is running from one eye well, across my nose, into the other eye well. I have no idea what might be causing it, but the safest solution seems to be to forgo makeup until I figure it out.

I look like a mug-shot version of myself.

Lucky for me, the sun is actually out in Seattle so it is okay to walk around with sunglasses, effectively masking my scary face. That doesn't fix my attire, though. Maybe this post will shame me into putting more care into my appearance. Yeah...doesn't seem likely, does it?

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  1. You have three kids, give yourself a break. At least you have clothes on. Well, do you at least put on shoes rather than your slippers?


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