Monday, June 29, 2009

Bad Boy!!!

The Big Guy has started saying "Bad Boy" whenever someone or something does something that he doesn't like. When his sunglasses won't stay up on his face, he yells "Bad Boy" at them. When his mommy won't let him sit in his sister's car seat, he says "Bad Boy, Mommy, Bad Boy!"

I think one would have to assume by listening to the boy that he must hear "Bad Boy" a lot. He doesn't. I'd love to say that he's never heard it, but I know I've said it a couple of times. I agree in principle that it is best to talk about the bad behavior instead of talking about him, but sometimes there just isn't time for that. When we are in Costco and he has started throwing bluberries at the other shoppers, I don't necessarily have time to explain to him that while his mommy loves him very much and knows that he is a good boy, his behavior is currently not up to par. No, I think I might have whispered "Bad Boy!" to him.

Oh well, I've gotten a lot of practice ignoring people's stares when the Big Guy is throwing a fit...I guess I can ignore their assumptions that my son is verbally assaulted with "Bad Boy" all the time.

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