Saturday, April 4, 2009

Well, hubby's birthday on Thursday went great. I was exhausted by the end after catering to the guy all stinkin' day. =) Vanilla French Toast in the morning, Steak Oscars in the evening, Strawberry shortcake for dessert. Presents, Presents, Presents. Bringing him coffee, snacks throughout the day, cleaning out his closet. Exhausting...but he seemed to love it.

Today it is my other "baby's" birthday. My Big Guy. Hard to believe my baby is 2 years old, although I'm glad for it. I think I may have enjoyed more of those "baby moments" with him than with the girls because I knew he was going to be my last baby, but the cold hard truth is still that the baby stage isn't my favorite. I'm so glad he's becoming a kid. Soon I'll be able to have real conversations with him.

It is funny how I'm always complaining that there is always too many people trying to talk to me at once, but I look forward to when the Big Guy can join the fray. That makes no sense.

I have a family get together planned for 4 pm today. We'll be celebrating the Big Guy's birthday, his Daddy's birthday, and his Aunt Tory's. Luckily it will be held at Mom's house, so I don't have to clean mine to get ready for it. I do need to get the food organized, but Dad volunteered to run to Costco this that will be a huge help. I'm supposed to go to a bridal shower this morning too, but the Big Guy was throwing up last night so I'm not sure how that will work out.

Wow, this is a fascinating post. It turned into more of a list of what I need to do today than a blog post. How self-indulgent of me.

Happy Saturday everyone.

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  1. Have fun at the party festivities tonight. You have always been so great at birthdays. I still remember my week-long birthday way-back-when. :)


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