Thursday, April 2, 2009

A great way to start my day

This morning I woke up early and got up to spend some quiet time alone before the rest of the family got up. This is a great time for me to study my Bible and so I was enjoying that time when my Sweetness (eldest daughter) came down from her room. She is on spring break this week. I don't know why this phenonemon happens, but she wakes up early when she is on vacation. She normally wakes up with her alarm clock at 7:05 for school. This week she has consistently gotten up earlier. Doesn't make sense.

But, I was blessed by her early arrival this morning. We sat on the sofa together and just talked for 20 minutes. Life is rarely slow enough to just sit down and talk with her. Not that we don't talk, but we do it while I'm trying to make dinner, or trying to watch a toddler, or when her sister also wants to chat. Rare is the 20 minutes of Sweetness chatting without being interrupted.

We realized today that we'll be on a family vacation this summer when her birthday comes around. She'll be turning 7 years old. I told her all about when I turned 7 years old. I too was on vacation with my family and another family, just like she will be. My sister Erika and the other family's children (Sunny and Lisa) decorated the cabin while I stayed secluded and waited anxiously for my party. I remember the paper plates with the number 7 on them that they hung up. It is a great memory in my life and I'm glad for my Sweetness that she'll have that same experience. I hope it is as meaningful to her as it has been for me.

The family friends that decorated that cabin for me also read my blog. I'll take this time to tell them I'm grateful to have them (and my sister) in my life and thank you for that birthday party (over 29 years ago!). There is something extra special about friends that last a lifetime. We got back together last year for another vacation, 20 years after we'd all been together. Here we are:


I probably should have asked them before I posted their picture, but I'm the one that looks the worst in this picture so I went ahead. From Left to Right: Me (althought I'm 10 lbs lighter now), Sunny, my sister Erika & Lisa (

Now I need to go start showering my hubby with birthday specialness! I'm off for the day.

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  1. Just for the record, I'm 10lbs lighter now too! I am so, so very happy we all got to get together last summer. I hold such happy memories of our times together as kids and now as adults. I also think it's so cool that our kids got to know each other. I just started working on a scrapbook of our trip to Wa. (took me long enough!) and I was so happy looking through the pictures again.
    Tell Scott the Shatzer's are wishing him a happy birthday.


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