Sunday, April 5, 2009

"I think of you all the time. Sometimes I even think of you when I'm with you."

Today was date afternoon. My sister is very nice to me and often watches my 3 kids for me. Today she watched them while my husband and I headed out to the movies, to get some lunch, and then to exchange some of my hubby's birthday gifts at the mall.

We went to see the movie Duplicity at the Lincoln Square theater. I liked it. It has my new all-favorite romantic line. Way better than "you complete me" or "Its you...its always been you". Clive Owen said to Julia Roberts "I think of you all the time. Sometimes I even think of you when I'm with you." I love that. Of course, I loved all the snarky, not-so-nice things they said to each other too...that's what makes it a good movie!

After the movie, we headed to the Express store. Hubby spent a VERY long amount of time deciding what to purchase in his exchange. Or perhaps it just seemed like a VERY long time because the music in the store was so loud. I must be old. I hate going into the stores where the music is blaring. Express, Abercrombie, Hollister. All cool clothes...all loud music. I think this must be the reason that old people start dressing all fuddy duddy. We just can't take the music in the cool stores anymore and we're left with the Charter Club section of J.C. Penneys. Thank goodness for online shopping. Now I can get that cute shirt I liked from Express without having my ear drums blown.

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