Friday, January 15, 2010

Yesterday was my first day to try my new workout program for the Wii. I’m using Active Personal Trainer from EA Sports. I loved it!!! I picked the easiest workout to get started and my legs had that rubbery you-are-going-to-hurt-tomorrow feel to them when I finished. It took me nearly an hour to do the half hour workout, but that is because they don’t count their instruction time as part of the workout. You can skip the instructions if you want, but the program is very strict that your form is exact. If it doesn’t track your form as being what it asked for, it makes you do the rep all over again…and again…and again. It can be annoying, but in the long run my body will be the better for it.

The workout was a good balance of cardio exercises (running, high knee kicks, boxing, etc.), weight lifting using resistance bands, and strength exercises like lunges and squats. You can choose to make custom workout programs, but doing the easy routine was good for me because it forced me to do exercises (like squats and lunges) that I would never knowingly put in my own routine because I hate them.

I’ve tried a number of new exercise programs in the last two weeks (dance aerobics, yoga/pilates Crunch, yoga) and after each one I thought “I don’t want to do that again”, but this one I’m looking forward to doing again...but not today. I think I'll wait until I can climb the stairs or sit in a chair without wincing. Plus, tomorrow is hiking day and I don't want to mess up my New Year's Resolution.

I've been bugging a bunch of people to join me in calorie counting on So far no one has taken me up on it, except my dear hubby. In addition to entering my calories, I've been entering in my fitness activities. I love how adds the calories I've burned from my daily exercise right back into my allowed calories for the day. Why exercise if it doesn't lead to more eating, right? =)

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