Saturday, January 9, 2010

Another great morning

In keeping with my New Year's Resolution, I took the kids hiking this morning. Today we tried Soaring Eagle park in Sammamish. I had been watching the weather forcasts all week and was expecting to see rain this morning, but it turned out to be a perfect day. Skies were blue, air was crisp but not cold.

I wish I brought my camera to take a picture of the huge mud bogs we trounced through. The kids loved it. Unfortunately, I had the kids hiking in their tennis shoes rather than their rain boots. Those tennis shoes will never be the same. I've got mine soaking in soapy water now (and should probably get all the kids shoes in the water). Even though I did say "please don't scoop up the mud" and "could you walk around that puddle" a few dozen times, I'm glad my kids got to enjoy some mud time. I want them to enjoy the great outdoors and not being willing to get a little dirty doesn't fit into that.

I liked Soaring Eagle park for several reasons:
1. The trail is really wide, so three people (a mom and a kid on either side) can easily fit.
2. The trail is surrounded by nature, including lots of streams, but you can still see quite a ways...which is advantageous when your older daughter always wants to run ahead.
3. It has nice rolling hills. It is really more of a walk than a hike, but I call it hiking for my kids so they'll grow to love hiking as they get older.
4. The main trail is the perfect length. It took us about an hour and a half to walk the main trail and back to the car. I think it would have taken about an hour if I didn't have a 2 year old with me.
5. Dogs and horses! The kids loved the other trail users. What is better than petting horses and dogs on your hike?

I can't wait to bring the family back here for some bike riding when the trail dries out. There are lots of side trails to explore too. Dad said he was going to come back and run them.

Hope your Saturday was awesome!


  1. Hey there! We love this park too. It's perfect for riding bikes in the summer. The only thing that somewhat bugs me is all the people that ignore the leash law. Love dogs, but when you've got a dog that doesn't take to another dog running in it's face, it's not fun to stress about every corner. Grendel was attacked when we were in college by another dog and every since the only dog she tolerated was our other dog Seb. So we pretty much rarely were able to take our dogs there. I so wish people would be a bit more considerate. Besides loose dogs scare away all the wild life. It's mystical when you walk there in the morning and the deer and rabbit freeze 2 feet away and you find black bear scat. Such an adventure, but it doesn't happen with loose dogs. Sigh!Yes, I'm ranting.

  2. I think spending more time with your kids outdoors is such an awesome New Years resolution. Las Vegas has mostly playground parks rather than nature parks. But I'm still going to work on spending more time outdoors with my kids too! Ever since he was a tiny baby Levi has loved it outdoors.


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