Tuesday, January 5, 2010

what is with me today?

Today the storm clouds have gathered. Patience...gone. Desire for the work...gone. Short tempered...oh yeah.

Maybe it is because it is day three of my diet. Maybe it is because it is the 2nd day back to school and we're all adjusting to getting up at 7. Maybe it is because I'm a truly a grouchy person and the nice-Lisa is really an aberration. Does it matter why? It just IS today.

I'm supposed to be helping Spunky Girl with her handwriting and reading homework right now, but I don't trust myself to do it kindly. You can only say "correct hand position please! It is a pencil not a club" so many times before it starts to come out like a growl.

It is "funny" how the same things that don't really even bother you on a normal day drive you absolutely bonkers on a crabby day. I'm looking at my girls' clothes that they've abandoned on my living room floor. I asked them to pick them up yesterday. Nope...still there. Yesterday it was not a big deal...today I'm livid about it.

Okay, so deep breath time. No speaking unless I'm sure it can come out pleasantly. I tried putting on some makeup and brushing my hair, hoping that looking better would help me feel better. Alas, my inner grump ruined that too...I came out looking like Goth girl.
Next time I need to stay away from the black eyeliner.


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  1. Lisa, I am soooo with you! I'm on a new diet and last night I was so hungry and so cranky! My hubby was urging me to eat and I told him "the pioneers were hungry all the time and I can be to." Huh, what does that even mean? Hang in there and I will to!!


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