Monday, August 24, 2009

WELL, that hasn't happened in forever

Today some guy whistled at me. No, not the "come here pooch" whistle, the better one. The "you're cute" whistle. I believe the last time some guy, other than dear hubby, whistled at me was in 1998.

I remember the time clearly because I was out running at Marymoor park with a good friend of mine and we discussed how our responses to getting whistled at were very different. I'm always flattered (well, clearly it doesn't happen with any frequency anymore, but I used to be "always" flattered). I usually respond with a smile and a wave. My friend considered it demeaning or unwanted attention from someone without enough good graces to be desirable. She thought a discouraging look was a more appropriate response.

Perhaps I welcomed the whistles more because I've always thought construction workers were hot.
Oh, did ya catch the stereotype there? As if all men who whistle are likely construction workers. Yikes. Someone better turn me in for that one. But I'm not repentant enough to take the statement away.

Okay, where was I? Oh yeah. I do think construction workers are cute. Something about their hard labor and big muscles. I think they look good when they are all dirty after putting in a long day. Good thing hubby is a contractor or I might get in trouble for saying that. Oh, & firefighters are cute too. =)

I would post a picture of MY cute fireman, but I don't really have any pictures of him working. I should remedy that!

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