Monday, August 17, 2009

Thems fightin' words

On Sunday morning, while chatting before church services, Roger P said to me "that girl of yours is the spitting image of you." The way he laughed and grinned as he said it, I think he was intending to communicate what a cutie she is. But the more I thought about it, the more I thought "really? Isn't she a bit cuter than that?". I don't mean to be self-depreciating for the sake of false humility, but I really don't think I was much of a beauty as a child. I scanned in a few of my school pictures to show you what I mean.
Lisa at six -- 1st grade

Lisa at seven -- 2nd grade

Lisa at eight -- 3rd grade

Note how my hair gets a little worse in each picture? Trust me, that problem continued all through grade school years. I think my bangs get higher and higher, perhaps representing the pain in the butt I was to my mother when she tried to cut my hair. (I'm not saying she whacked my bangs on purpose...but I'm not not saying that either.)

So, while I am secretly thrilled that Sweetness resembles me, I do hope that she is a much cuter version of me. I also hope that I am a better looking at 36 than I was at 6.


  1. Mr and Mrs P think you are beautiful and so are your daughters. My grade school pictures trump yours by far. Your pix are cute!
    My mom used 4 pink sponge rollers to set my whole head of hair. One for each side, one on top and one on the back. The comb out reflected the above. I will never post those photos. Ever.

  2. You were adorable and you are beautiful now!

  3. I like six's avocado green dress. Very retro cool. :)

  4. Ha! Those are funny! I thought of Cheyenne when I saw your 3rd grade photo but I think it's more the hairstyle. I've got some pretty hilarious ones myself, though mine tend to get worse in high school... big 80's hair and dark make-up.

    1st grade is adorable.


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