Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Scratch that

Remember when I said life was getting easier? Scratch that.

Sweetness sprained her ankle on Monday night. She was holding onto a big merry-go-round at a local park and her grip failed her. She landed in a big pile about 5 feet from the merry-go-round, holding her ankle. Sigh...and her grandma was just saying that she thought the kids shouldn't go that fast and I gave her my "don't be lame" look.

The doctor said that it should be a couple of weeks in the velcro support thing, and then a few more weeks after that before she is back to normal. A month seems like a long time, especially given that soccer starts next week and swimming lessons continue on for another 2 months. But, I'm grateful that she should be back to normal before school starts. Managing the bus routine on crutches would be lame (ha!).

I learned today, as I was trying to get three kids in and out of pharmacies & medical supply stores looking for rental crutches, that having the oldest child back in a "dependant on mommy" mode really stinks. It was a flashback to what life was like when I could not corral my kids in a store. Sweetness is usually my helper, or at least the one that I can count on to just follow along and not make any trouble. Now I have to stay with her as she tries to hop along on one foot or manuever her crutches, all the while trying to keep Spunky Girl and the Big Guy on voice command. Spunky Girl and the Big Guy haven't exactly mastered the voice command thing. Spunky Girl will always EVENTUALLY do what you've asked...but usually she has just a few things she wants to do first. The Big Guy has a way to go yet.

Oh yeah, and my back is killing me from hauling a 60 lb child up and down stairs. Yep, exactly how I remember life used to be.

P.S. Imagine the distress it causes the Big Guy to see his sister riding in his stroller. Now imagine Spunky Girl saying "it's not fair. I want a turn..."

Somebody get mommy an iced mocha. Extra sweet please!

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  1. aaaw, poor sweetness. I hope she feels better soon!
    aaaaw, poor mommy. I hope she feels better soon too! :)


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