Friday, August 21, 2009

book report -- my thoughts continue

I'm still thinking about that book! Yesterday I wrote a blog post about the book "...And Ladies of the Club". Apparently just one post about that book wasn't enough. Click here to read that post. Whenever I read an epic story like that, it stays with me. The characters live in my heart for awhile and I find myself thinking about their stories.

I realized today that I especially identified with the characters in this book because they are more like me than the average book character is. I think books are often written about those people born with wanderlust or a drive for excitement...those people who go to new places and experience new things. I'm not like that, so to find such a great book written about people who (like me) never left the place they grew up in is heartwarming. Both the main characters spent their whole lives entirely content with the idea that they would live out their days in the same town, loving the same people, walking the same streets, and appreciating simple joys.

If I spend all my life right here on the Eastside of the Pacific Northwest, that will suit me fine. If life takes me elsewhere, I hope that I accept and embrace that with grace.

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