Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The neighborhood crazy lady

We have a new neighborhood crazy lady and she is me (or she is I?).

We live on a private, barely-paved road. Officially it is a 2 lane road, but it is overgrown enough that cars have to slow down and pull over a bit to pass each other. With it being a private road, there is no stated speed limit sign. Generally speaking, people drive about 20 mph down the road. That seems a fine speed to me. Some, however, think 30 - 35 mph is better. They are clearly wrong, but who am I to specify the correct speed limit? I'm the neighborhood crazy lady, that's who.

I've taken to yelling "slow down" at the black cars that whiz by (and they do seem to be always black...either SUV or sports car). Sometimes the car just gets lucky and only receives the "slow down" hand gesture from me. No, not THAT hand gesture. The one where you make your hand flat and move it rapidly toward the earth. That's universally understood, right?

I walk the road 4 times a day...2 times down to the bustop and 2 times back. My children walk with me. There is no sidewalk. I think people should slow down when they see kids on the road. I know people without kids may not agree with that. They may wonder why my decision to have children should impeed their ability to drive at whatever speed they think is right. Actually, I think people should slow down as a courtesy when they see ANYONE on the road, but especially for children who could easily fall sideways for no apparent reason.

Curse me as one of those insensitive moms who thinks the world revolves around her kids if you long as you slow down as you think that.

P.S. I think this is my 100th post!

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  1. Pedestrians ALWAYS have the right of way, wether they are big or little. I took a walk on your road when I visited last summer and it would be scary to do so with children. You're not the crazy lady....people who drive to fast are morons!


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