Friday, April 16, 2010

Have you read this story?

I'm reading the story of how fellow blogger The Pioneer Woman fell in love with her husband...the Marlboro Man. Fellow blogger is probably overexaggerating our relationship. She has readership in the millions. I'm working on reader #12, last I checked.

I am enthralled by her story. The romance, her fumbles, her constant discussion of what was going on in her keeps bringing me back to her site, reading chapter by chapter, eager to hear how it ends. Even when I know how it ends. That is the sign of a great book...when you know how it ends, but you are still so eager to experience it. Her story is called Black Heels to Tractor Wheels.

I don't think I can turn the story of how I met and married hubby into a 3 page story, much less 20 chapters, but reading her book makes me want to try. I think I would have to make up a whole bunch of details because I have a lousy memory. Maybe I should write it...then whatever details I make up will find their home in my memory and I'll finally have a story worthy of telling our children. A made up story, but a story none-the-less! =)

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