Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Lisa's observations from the Bon Jovi concert

1. Bon Jovi rocks.

2. Jon Bon Jovi certainly knows how to market himself to his female audience.
3. Many of Bon Jovi's female fans had more cleavage showing on the outside of their shirts than I have underneath. I really didn't think it was attractive. Maybe I'm just jealous, but I don't think so.
4. While Bon Jovi's newer songs are good, they cannot match the magic and nostalgia of the older songs.
5. Bon Jovi is a lot more politically active than I realized. It would not have been a good place to wear a "Dick Cheney is the Man" shirt.
6. Did I mention that Jon knows how to market himself to his female audience?
7. My husband does not care for middle aged women waving their hands in his face.
8. I think Jon must have taken a lot of ballet and dancing lessons to be able to bounce around the stage like that for 2+ hours. He kept jumping up on his tiptoes.
9. Richie Sambora can really play the guitar and has a great voice, but I cannot figure out why all those women dated/married him. It must be his inner person...
10. Jon had several clothing changes during the concert, but never changed his jeans. I think that is because it would take a team of people to get them off.
11. I really enjoy being able to sing, off-key, for hours without hubby asking me if it is karaoke hour. I couldn't even hear myself (which is also a nice benefit).

There's more...but I gotta run. Sigh.

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