Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The Dog Diaries: Week 2

Week 1 of the dog was certainly eventful.  Week 2 is proving to be a little easier.  Chevy continues to steal food, but we are doing better with crating issues.  Just yesterday morning I put a new cube of butter in the butter tray and then went to use it a few minutes later.  I couldn't find it anywhere.  I thought I was going crazy until I remembered that I now own a dog.  Sure enough, I found that Chevy had "borrowed" the butter tray and licked it clean.  Hopefully the "back end" of that problem isn't too gross! 

Yesterday I took Chevy for his first vet appointment.  Thank goodness for qualified, caring professionals.  Our vet, Dr. Erin Russell at Brookfield Vet Hospital in Redmond, was FABULOUS.  She had so much to say and I, being a dog newbie, have so much to learn.  My take home list of things to do/think about from the vet appointment is a tad overwhelming.  Here's my "to do" list:
  • Register Chevy with King County
  • Order a chain leash that he can't bite through
  • give heartworm medicine tonight
  • give  heartworm medicine again in 2 weeks
  • bring in a stool sample in 2 weeks for follow up parasite testing
  • order Trifexis, a flea/heartworm/parasite medication
  • look into Trupanion insurance for his first year
  • consider the Leptospirosis vaccine (because we spend time in Eastern WA)
  • review vacation boarding suggestions (for our trip in March)
  • get a dog shampoo with oatmeal for dry skin
  • buy some "greeny" dental chews for his teeth
  • get a Kong or related toy for playing with while he's in the crate
  • figure out a fence solution (no more playing fetch with him in the back yard without a leash! bad mommy)
  • consider buying a weighted vest for him to wear on walks to better exercise him
  • consider "calming" options to help him when we leave him alone and to help with training
    • a "behaviorist"
    • a hugging vest
    • a calming pheremone collar
    • herbal medication
    • doggie prozac
It may take me awhile to get through all that.  The vet called back this morning and said that Chevy does have a parasite, so I need to get him started on some medication and give him a bath.  Hmmm....I wonder how the first bath is going to go?  I think Scott will be helping with that one!

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  1. You make me laugh so hard. Oh my goodness. Daisy didn't do any of these things when we got her. She shook because she's terrified, didn't bark, didn't chew, and was pretty much perfect. But then again, she did jump off of a bridge and cost $10,000 to fix, so keeping that in mind, new seatbelts and a few chewed shoes sounds like a pretty good deal. Keep the blogs coming. They make my day!


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