Saturday, March 26, 2011

Ummm...I guess it is spring break

The winter/spring season has been the busiest I can remember. It turns out that Spring Break is next week. THAT snuck up on me. I've got 3 kids who are so excited to be off for a week and I've got nothing planned. I briefly considered several mini-vacations, but we've had a lot of vacations lately and are planning a trip for that's not in the cards (or checkbook).

I chased down hubby this morning and invited (forced) him to discuss a Spring Break Plan O' Action. We are now on the SBPO'A committee. We came up with a list of fairly low-cost items that we could do and plan on implementing one per day. Here's our options:

* matinee movie (Mars needs Moms? Okay for a 4 yr old?)
* Kid-friendly dinner (Rainforest Cafe?)
* get haircuts
* Arcade at Lincoln Square
* Rollerskating at Bellevue Skate King (take the 4 yr old?)
* Go visit Great Grandma
* Go to the dentist (is it possible to get an appt for all 3 kids on the same day?)
* Get a kid portrait taken at a picture studio

So, anyone got an other ideas? Swim lessons for Spunky Girl and the Big Guy continue this week, as does the Big Guy's preschool (they couldn't possibly have the same Spring Break. Of course not.) We'll just have to schedule our other outings around those. Maybe I can think of some other inside the house things to do that would be fun too, but I can already hear myself saying "No, you can't have any more screen time" and "Please put the video games away and find a book" a million times.

Who's got other ideas for me? Other sanity tips? We're not supposed to have great weather next week, so sending the kids outside to play won't work most days. Even if they do go outside, I have to watch that they don't grab their gaming devices on the way out.
Apparently they don't find a yard full of grass as inviting as I'd hoped they would. Sigh.

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  1. Gnomeo and Juliet is more appropriate for the 4 year old. Roller skating with my 4 year old was a disaster (especially seeing that the 7 year old picked it up quickly...that really p*ssed him off).

    Other ideas include:

    1. Children's and/or Science Museum (isn't there one in Seattle)?
    2. Children's theater?
    3. Take a ferry ride
    4. Play dates with other kids?
    5. Swimming (at the gym)
    6. Scavenger hunt (in the house/neighborhood)
    7. A day-trip over to Squim (there is a drive-through animal sanctuary and rain forest parks)

    My kids just got off Spring Break and we just went through the same exercise. These are also things I remember doing with our kids while in the Pac NW.

    Have fun!

    P.S. We told our kids in advance that when the batteries from their Leapsters died, they would have to buy batteries from us for $5. They quickly learned that $5 is a lot for batteries and that they preferred to spend their money on other things.


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