Saturday, May 29, 2010

Like an arrow through my heart

Every week my Sweetness brings home her "traveling journal". It is a second grade class assignment. Every Friday during the school day she will write to me in the journal and then she brings it home. Over the weekend, I write back to her and she can read it during journaling time the next week.

This was her entry from Friday:

For those of you who might not be able to see the picture, it says:
"Dear Mom and Dad, yesterday was (career) project presentations. Alot of parents (were) there but you mommy, you forgot. I got mad but its okay."

I think the grammar is heartbreakingly sad and funny at the same time. "but you mommy, you forgot". Can't you just feel the dramatic pause? The accusatory tone? The finger wagging? Also note how the journal starting out being to "mom and dad", but it is clear that it becomes all about the bad mommy.

I did forget to attend her career presentation. I had it on my calendar and just forgot. I felt horrible. I figured it out by myself later in the day and ran upstairs to Sweetness' room to tell her I was sorry. I said "I'm so sorry I forgot to go to your classroom today" and she said "I know you forgot; that's why I was mad when I got home.". Hmmm....didn't really notice she was mad when she got home. I guess that is strike two on the "in touch with your daughter's world" scoreboard.

She decided that I needed to do a chore, just like I make her do when she forgets something she is supposed to do. I'm not entirely sure that is a precedent I want to start, but I felt pretty guilty so I agreed to it. She wrote "book me a playdate" on our chore whiteboard. I think I got off easy...


  1. Even the best parents (you!) forget sometimes. :)
    When Grant was in Kindergarten in Illinois I was sopposed to come in and help one day. It was a very stressful time because Tom had already started work in Las Vegas and I was waiting for the house to sell. I totally forgot to come help out at the school. When the teacher reminded me I burst out sobbing (this is VERY unlike me). I was so upset that I had forgotten. It was funny because from then on Grant's teacher treated me with kid gloves. I think she was afraid of the hysterical, emo mom! lol

  2. I *wish* forgetting my daughter's activities was the problem. I have tried to participate in her classroom - volunteering, having lunch with her - only to be shot down every time. She won't let me come. Still trying to figure it out...maybe something will change once she starts second grade. Then again, perhaps the attitude will only continue to grow with age.


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