Thursday, September 10, 2009


Frugalista. I suppose that is a combo of fashionista and a budget freak. Sounds just like me! I just heard that term on a Target commercial.

And speaking of a love of shopping on a budget, I got the chance to visit 2 high-end consignment stores in the last week. The first one, called Between Friends, is fairly new. It is on 106th street in Bellevue. It has a limited amount of clothes, but is a pleasant non-cramped place to shop. They also have some cute new home furnishings. Check out their website at

Today I was in Kirkland, so I attempted to stop by an old favorite consignment store on Main street...but it was closed. The experience of pulling up to a store and realizing it is closed for good happens TOO often lately. So, I walked down to the main drag (Lake Street) to visit Rebekah's consignment. The store has changed names, and assumably ownership, to Serendipity Consignment Boutique. This store has 2 - 3 times as many clothes as Between Friends displays. It also has nice dressing rooms and really big mirrors, which is nice.

Anyway, I think you all should go patronize those stores so they are there the next time I want to go shopping! Please and Thank you. =)

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  1. I saw the same Target commercial and I love the term frugalista, very cool!


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